Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Hello There

Pay no attention to that date up there, I do update this site when I can.

I'm Editor of The Philosophers' Magazine, I'm editing Think Now, a series of books on social and political philosophy, with Jeremy Stangroom, I'm finishing up The Continuum Companion to the Philosophy of Mind, I'm writing papers for upcoming talks on climate change and morality, I have work underway for collections on climate change, I'm writing a report on sustainability for the Higer Education Authority, I write book reviews and articles, sometimes I say things in the Guardian, I'm writing The Story of Philosophy, again with Jeremy Stangroom, I'm hoping to write a book on a low-carbon trip to New Zealand if I can talk a publisher into it, and I blog at Talking Philosophy. I am actually doing all these things right at this very moment. I never rest.

If you want to get in touch, you can email my first initial, a dot, my last name, at, and then royal institute philosophy without spaces, followed by another dot and then org.